09: The Cloak of My Voice

My friend wears my scarf at his waistI give him moonstonesHe gives me shell & seaweedsHe comes from a distant city & I meet himWe will plant eggplants & celery togetherHe weaves me cloth                   Many have brought the gifts                 Continue reading “09: The Cloak of My Voice”

08: The Skin of Our Heart

Everything is changing these days. I know this because mostly I don’t know what’s going on and then I have these sudden moments of clarity. Like last night, I was driving home with Roha jaan and we were talking about love languages. She said, I’m a writer—I know it can all be lies and that’sContinue reading “08: The Skin of Our Heart”

07: An Invitation

Hello, lucky seven! Hello, lovely May. I’m writing to you from the house where I began this newsletter, my sister’s home in Texas. I feel entirely new and entirely back where I started again. It’s so strange how much can happen in just four months. Worlds reroute. Paths shift. Love, failure, foolishness, fun. Beauty andContinue reading “07: An Invitation”