11: The Dirt of My Heart

In my journey to write a love story, I’ve realized how much a good romance, for me, entangles with heartbreak. A good romance is tinged by heartbreak, is chasing heartbreak, or at least living perpetually in some kind of its shadow. Heartbreak, like nostalgia. Heartbreak, too, like betrayal or loneliness. Is the fullness of loveContinue reading “11: The Dirt of My Heart”

10: The Last Home of Beauty

I posted a photo on Instagram recently that my friend ej replied to and said, The lighting in this photo looks so much like you. ej is always saying things like that. Perfect things, romantic things, lively things. ej and I met and they told me about angel numbers and the bus ride from MontréalContinue reading “10: The Last Home of Beauty”

09: The Cloak of My Voice

My friend wears my scarf at his waistI give him moonstonesHe gives me shell & seaweedsHe comes from a distant city & I meet himWe will plant eggplants & celery togetherHe weaves me cloth                   Many have brought the gifts                 Continue reading “09: The Cloak of My Voice”