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  • 08: The Skin of Our Heart

    Everything is changing these days. I know this because mostly I don’t know what’s going on and then I have these sudden moments of clarity. Like last night, I was driving home with Roha jaan and we were talking about love languages. She said, I’m a writer—I know it can all be lies and that’sContinue reading “08: The Skin of Our Heart”

  • 07: An Invitation

    Hello, lucky seven! Hello, lovely May. I’m writing to you from the house where I began this newsletter, my sister’s home in Texas. I feel entirely new and entirely back where I started again. It’s so strange how much can happen in just four months. Worlds reroute. Paths shift. Love, failure, foolishness, fun. Beauty andContinue reading “07: An Invitation”

  • 06: Love and Lingering

    I am thinking a lot about the phrase na raha in Urdu lately. In a song I am trying to translate, na raha is the tail. It trails behind every length of longing the singers introduce. It is the bottom of the spine of the chorus.  Na raha literally means something like “is no longerContinue reading “06: Love and Lingering”