guest editor for Canthius

reader for Arc Poetry Magazine

volunteer for Peach Mag

Midnight Sun Magazine: “Summer, Fall”, May 5 2022.

EX/POST: “Lately I Am Trying” in Issue IV, January 2022.

Room: “Meditation” and “Reaching for my grief, the sun” in Issue 44.4.

Islam in the City: “Children cackle like a band of hyenas” in Volume III: Crossroads.

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Flypaper Lit: “Dorsal” and “Verisimilitude”, June 2021.

The Puritan: “Memory is sleeping” in Issue 53, Spring 2021.

Savant-Garde: “Good morning, the sun in October” in Issue 5, April 2021. Nominated for Best of the Net 2021.

Poem-a-Day: “Tomorrow is a Place” selected by guest editor Fatimah Asghar, January 2021.

In the Mood: “Ashitaka and the Forest Spirit”, “San and Moro” and “Yakul and Ashitaka” (click Happy then Powerful), December 2020.

Arc Poetry Magazine: “Masha’Allah” in Arc 93, Fall 2020.

Best Canadian Poetry 2020: “As I pray”, September 2020, selected by guest editor Marilyn Dumont.

Asian American Writer’s Workshop’s The Margins: “Emergence: two poems”, January 2020.

Institute of Islamic Studies: “Doxologia” (art installation), December 2019.

HOBART pulp: “Here is longing”, December 2019.

Half A Grapefruit: “Poems, oh my!”, October 2019.

canthius: “As I pray” and “Self-Portrait” in Issue 07, Fall 2019.

BAD DOG REVIEW: “Love is what I have decided” in Issue 1.2, July 2019.

Hart House Review: “Lalit means one who is beautiful” in the 2019 Winter Supplemental.

Glass: “Moon gods are not born”, March 2019. Nominated for 2019 Pushcart Prize.

Peach Mag: “Of wolves, flowering” and “A rose is a mouth with no teeth”, February 2019.

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