Sacred Footsteps · 016 DIASPORA VOICES | Kashmir

CBC Metro Morning · Kashmiri-Canadian escapes blockade

After the Storm · Identity, God and the Politics of Poetry


PLAYD8s w/ em kneifel + nadia davioli


Capybaras are my favourite animal! I like hats.

“The Interview” with Salwa Iqbal in Islam in the City: Crossroads

We are always becoming a better place for ourselves.

“A Mossy Rock, A Hidden Place, Some Kind of Ruins” with Jasmine Gui in Teh Talks

And then I thought of Allah. Who is, you know, Allah.

“The snapshot moment: an Interview with Sanna Wani” with Manahil Bandukwala in Arc 91

What I really want to inhabit is a space of attending to these questions, the question of what are the tears doing.

What Tears Do: A Conversation with Heather Christle” in The Adroit Journal

I hate grammar.

“Intersections of Music and Poetry: Interview with Sanna Wani” with Manahil Bandukwala in canthius

Poems are strange little immortal creatures that can resurrect themselves with new trajectories at any moment.

Pulling Back the Flesh of Myself: An Interview with Sanna Wani” with Shazia Hafiz Ramji in Invisiblog