Here come my friends, murmuring wishes to the open air, carrying the sunset on their wings.

“Listen: On Natasha Ramoutar’s Bittersweet, jaye simpson’s it was never going to be okay, and Lily Wang’s Saturn Peach” in The Capilano Review

Time is grief, something whispers in the dark. “No, grief is grief,” she whispers back, tired.

“Murmurations” in Brick 106

What happens when you create narrative out of poetry? What kind of body emerges? Where?

“Hungry, breathing: a review of Noor Naga’s Washes, Prays” in The Puritan

A sentence or story could never live outside our geographies. A poem always went back to the world, to its woods.

“Situating Racialized Ecopoetics: Memory, Geography & Community” in the Town Crier

Look, there is the blue horizon. Here, in this escaping sky.

“Border poem” with Manahil Bandukwala in Briarpatch